My Future Self



No this person is not actually me. She is a model in an ad I cut out of a magazine years ago. I don’t remember the name of the magazine or exactly how long ago this was, but my hair was still mostly dark auburn brown. I do remember why I cut this out, put it in a mat frame and hung it on the wall. First of all, she reminded me of my father’s mother and I had his Mediterranean looks. But more importantly, this was the confidence I wanted to not be afraid of displaying, and intuitively, I knew I was going to have to grow some more to become this person. After all, I was a female raised in the Anglo-Saxon culture of my mother and this type of confidence displayed by a woman would have just been impolite.

 A few weeks ago, while rummaging through some artifacts of my past, I re-discovered this photograph  and had a long satisfied smile. I have become “her.” I actually do look quite similar, my face is not quite as weathered, yet, my hair is almost as long, but snow white with curls.

 So how did I become her? I simply took the road less traveled, a road I was already on when I cut out the photo and hung it on my wall. A road I have been on since I was a child and encouraged to be the life long learner I have continued being for all these years. I have been very fortunate to be able to learn the lessons I needed at the time and figure out how to make enough money with them to continue down that road of evolution.

 So what is all this leading up to? I am starting a series on “Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset” It is based on a course I put together a few years for a classroom type setting. I am in the process of turning it into an online course with Google Hangouts playing a part.

 Much of the course deals with mindsets applied to entrepreneurism and how to embed them.

 One of the foundations is becoming a life long learner. The web makes that so much easier and so cost effective that all one needs is the mindset to get in the groove of making those new neural connections. Allocate a small amount of  time today and just learn something relevant to whomever you see yourself becoming.



My Future Self

My Future Self



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