I help entrepreneurs find their voice and develop their narrative by asking really good questions. We all have blind spots in our life and often these blind spots contain the answers we need to propel us forward in life.

A really good guide, mentor, or coach will ask the right questions to send the client after the answers that illuminate these blind spots.  There’s phrase  attributed to Aristotle I like to use, “Where your talents and the needs of the marketplace intersect lies your calling.” My job is get clients into that intersection and keep them there. That intersection, the sweet-spot of their business, along with  skillsets and marketplace needs are constantly evolving. A term used by Hoffman and Casnocha in their book, The Start-Up of You ,  your  business, your career,  what the marketplace is willing to buy and indeed your entire life, and is constantly evolving and in a constant Beta. That is where meditative science comes in. It is the science of the expansion of your ability to maximize your mental resources, giving you the competitive edge absolutely necessary in today’s marketplace.

According to  research done by colleagues and myself, and  backed up in Hoffman and Casnochas’ book, to be successful in today’s global marketplace,  everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur.   What I perceive that makes me unique is my combination of entrepreneurial experience with a deep understanding of how people learn, what motivates them and the ability to teach them how to expand their mind to increase their intelligence, drive and happiness. It does not matter whether you are a business owner or employee, you are in control of your career and in the rapidly changing world around us, it takes a high level of fitness to stay in the game. Just like in competitive sports, the winning edge in entrepreneurism and life in general is your mental fitness.

Deborah L Gabriel

Deborah L Gabriel

Another model used by Hoffman and Casnocha  that conveys essentially the same concepts as Aristotle is the trine of assets, aspirations, and what the marketplace is willing to pay for. Your assets are dual, consisting of your skillsets and talents on one side and your cash and social assets on the other. Your skills are straightforward, the more in demand they are, the more valuable they are; your cash assets will determine how long it takes to get your business or career going Do you have the financial resources to get more education, hire a coach, contract out those pieces and parts of your business you are less talented in? The second leg of the trine is your aspirations, what do you want your life to be like, what are your values, how do you merge your business to fit your values? The third leg of the trine is knowing what the marketplace is willing to pay for. This is crucial to stay solvent. You can have the best product in the world that is an exact fit for your values, but if no one or not a significant number of people are willing to buy it, you will not be able to pay your bills.These three aspects that form the base of your entrepreneurial endeavors are constantly evolving as  the world and your place in it evolves.


My assets,  as stated earlier, are my ability to ask really good questions based on my ability to look deeply into the blindspots of people, honed by almost 40 years of studying human behavior through both  research and application. (include stories about how friends view and different types of applications) And my aspirations at this stage of life are certainly different than they were in my 30’s. And I recreate and refine my skillsets  as the marketplace evolves. I  presently spend much of my time working with local businesses, develop their entrepreneurial mindsets, whilst at the same time, am working on a course, “Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset” to go live online.